Itemized below are the parts required to install a RS headlight system on a 1969 Camaro.  Purchase of a 1969 Camaro Assembly Manual is highly recommended.

Also: DS122001 – Electric door conversion kit (optional, which will eliminate the need for vacuum components)


1969 Rally Sport headlight parts

Grill 905N (1969)
GR69M – Grill Molding
DR99 – fender brackets
RU59LHRH headlight assemblies (contains items with *)
FJ443LHRH    inner headlight door*
RU639 headlight cover door hinge (2 required)*
RU1711 headlight door and hinge bolt (2 required)*
RU490 hinge pivot bolt (2 required)*
RU70LHRH headlight housing*
RU1773LH bellcrank assembly LH*
RU1773RH bellcrank assembly RH*
RU1770 Lower bellcrank support plate*
RC1702 headlight cover return spring*
FJ886 outer headlight door
RR69 inner headlight cover
RW5780 headlight door stop brackets
RU1006 headlight door rubber bumpers
RC8997 headlight swivel mechanism bushing kit
RU623 headlight motor pin and clevis fastener set
RU1014 Headlight vacuum tubing kit
RU622 vacuum reservoir tank
RU1005 firewall air line rubber grommet
RU680P vacuum actuator motor
RU1717 vacuum actuator splash shields
1302N vacuum line filter
RU1774LH vacuum actuator support bracket
RU1769 vacuum actuator support bracket (2 required)
RU24 vacuum actuator support bracket (1 required)
FM104 vacuum relay valve switch

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